Xboy Mini Metallic Black Speaker

  • €29.95
  • Save €5

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

 3 inch standing, packing 3W of power, YouTube is still trying to recover from unboxing XBOY mini! Don't judge XBOY owners, because once you'll adopt one, you'll go crazy for these little boys too. So convenient, so original, so much fun and loud sound! They deliver on every level ! Enjoy the show with their slowing changing multi color lit up faces! Choose from over 10 colors. XBOY mini SECRET: Check what the button can do in the back of their head, that will help you with your selfies!

Mini Xboy, the cutest wireless speaker on the planet!

Mini Xboy is not only an excellent speaker but also a token of the Art Toy Design pop and cultural movement for which it is an ambassador for consumer electronics. Buying mini Xboy is indulging yourself with a piece of modern art that will fit into your interior decor. Something special: Bluetooth stereo pairing on the metal editions, and check out the Limited Edition with Sequins, so fashionable!


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