WHIRLPOOL Black Freestanding Fridge Freezer W9821DKSUK

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Dual No Frost

Two independent cooling no frost systems create the ideal frost-free environment for food preservation, ensuring the ideal temperature and humidity and avoiding odors mixing between the cavities. Place fruit and veggies anywhere in the fridge, dual no frost keeps them fresh up to 15 days. Based on weight loss and visual quality, considering common fruits and vegetables. Internal test procedure.

6th Sense Precision Control

Technology that quickly restores the ideal temperature and humidity. 6th Sense technology constantly detects temperature and humidity variations due to external causes (i.e. door opening) and quickly restores the ideal temperature and humidity for an optimal food preservation both in the fridge and in the freezer. Avoiding food burns on the food stored in the freezer.

Fresh Box+

Fruit and veggies stay fresh up to 15 days. A drawer with a humidity control slider integrated allowing you to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh up to 15 days. Based on weight loss and visual quality, considering common fruits and vegetables. Internal test procedure.

Fresh Pad

To keep fruits and vegetables fresher. An innovative pad integrated in the Fresh Box+ ensures the best food preservation. Fresh Pad draws away humidity of fruit and vegetables and actively prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria to keep them fresh. 

Freeze Control

Care-free freezing. This Whilrpool freezer features the innovative freezecontrol technology, that effectively protects your food's taste and texture, and reduces freezer burns by up to 50%.

Fast Cooling

The temperature inside your refrigerator drops immediately, when new food is stored. Built-in sensors automatically adjust cooling temperature, ensuring low energy consumption and prolonged freshness.

Door Divider

The space that fits your need. This Whirlpool fridge freezer's innovative design provides all the space and flexibility you need to comfortably and easily store your food and drink.

Bottle Rack 2 In 9

A 2 in 1 shelf to store bottle or food. A newly designed bottle rack integrated into the back of a shelf that lets you either safely store bottles or utilize the space as a normal shelf. Movable, it can be placed on any of the shelves.

Flexi Shelf

The shelf that fits your need. Flexi shelf can retract when needed to reduce the depth of the shelf, allowing to accommodate taller items below such as bottles or jars.

310 - 340 L Capacity

All the space you need. This Whirlpool fridge-freezer combination is designed to provide all the space you need to comfortably store your food and drinks.


Energy Class A++

With its A++ energy rating, this Whirlpool appliance will allow you to enjoy both ideal performance and excellent energy consumption.

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