SENNHEISER Gaming Headset - PC 300

SENNHEISER Gaming Headset - PC 300

  • €69.95

The PC 300 gaming headset enables you to get the most out of your gaming, music and voice chats wherever you are. The headset features a comfortable, in-ear design and superb speakers, with fitted sleeves in three sizes that help block out distracting background noise. To control the audio, simply use the in-line voice control.

The compact size makes it ideal for traveling, and while you’re on the road, you can pack the PC 300 safely away in its own travel pouch. For easy use with any laptop or mobile music device, the package also includes a quick-disconnect, two-meter extension cable.


In-ear design - delivers great sound and cuts out distracting background noise
Sensitive microphone - picks up every word for team communications & chat
In-line volume control - easy to set for personal preference and environment
Perfect fit - 3 sizes of soft silicone ear sleeves
Lightweight and small - so it’s easy to take on the road
Extension cable - 2m extension cable makes it easy for gamers to plug in to any laptop or mobile music device when travelling
Travel pouch - neat flexible pouch protects the PC 300 and the extension cable
2-year warranty

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