ROBERTS Blu Tune 5 Radio - BLUTUNE5BLK-Briscoes


  • €129.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

  • 20 preset stations
  • Bluetooth
  • line out, line in for ipod/MP3
  • 2 alarms
  • Colour screen
  • Mains or battery
  • Carry handle


Combining ROBERTS sound quality and the brilliant wireless convenience of Bluetooth, the Blutune 5 is a great-looking, great sounding radio. Tune into the crystal clarity of DAB radio stations, and store your favourites on plenty of presets. Simply stream your current favourite songs from your smart phone or tablet. And use it to get you going on time in the morning with dual alarms.

Delectable DAB Radio
Experience the crystal clear reception of DAB digital radio, and the audio quality that ROBERTS are renowned for. FM frequency caters for any stations that haven't yet gone digital or are not digitally available in your area. 20 presets allow you to store a large number of your favourite stations with 5 instantly accessible via 5 handy preset buttons.

Bluetooth Brilliance
Pair your smart phone or tablet with the Blutune 5 to wirelessly play top tracks from your smart phone, tablet or other Bluetooth device. If your laptop or PC has Bluetooth, stream directly from that too. It turns your radio into a stylish and great-sounding stereo speaker for your personal collection.

Pleasingly Portable
With optional battery power, you can take it wherever you want, indoors or outdoors. It's perfectly portable with an included carry handle, and weighing 1.35kg.

Two Alarms
The Blutune 5 is a great bedside radio too. You can set up a radio alarm so you wake up to your favourite station, or a simple buzzer. And the handy snooze timer allows you grab that extra forty winks.

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