Samsung 3 Door Ice and Water American Fridge Freezer RF23R62E3SR/EU

  • €1,999.95
  • Save €1,000

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Wouldn't it be good if all your food in the fridge stayed fresher for longer? With two separate air flows and precise temperature control, Samsung Twin Cooling Plus does just that. So no more dried out vegetables or rubbery cheese. Not only that, but it stops food odours mixing, so your food tastes the way its meant to.

Inside and out, it’s a sophisticated addition to any kitchen. The flat doors and edge handles keep things sleek. And the streamlined water dispenser adds a little chic. Plus, the interior features a hidden display for easy control.

Why take up precious freezer space with ice when the Slim Ice Maker does the job in less space? It sits neatly inside your fridge door and drops ice into a tray below when you push the lever.

Open the heavy freezer drawer with a gentle pull using the EZ-Open Handle. Simply lift up the handle and it breaks the door’s vacuum seal. This enables the drawers to glide open with very little effort, but the latch keeps the door securely shut.


  • SmartThings app support
  • WiFi embedded
  • Dispenser type automatic ice maker
  • Dispenser with water filter
  • LED cafe look display
  • Number of drawer 2EA
  • Shelf material tempered glass
  • Multi flow

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