Powerpoint, 2266RTTC, 4 Ring Ribbon Ceramic Hob 1000mm, White

Powerpoint, 2266RTTC, 4 Ring Ribbon Ceramic Hob 1000mm, White

  • €329.95

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This simple yet sophisticated ceramic hob delivers the ultimate in cooking convenience.

It gives you cooking flexibility thanks to its two small and two large heating zones, so you'll have plenty of space for varied types of cooking on different size pots and pans.

It boasts a sleek, unbranded glass design that can be paired with any oven and blends seamlessly with all your other kitchen appliances. A smooth ceramic glass surface not only looks great, it's really easy to keep it looking its best too. Just give it a quick wipe with a cloth to clean away any splatters and spills.

The touch controls are really responsive, easy to use and conveniently positioned at the front of the hob, so you don't have to lean over any hot zones to access them.

Each zone offers a choice of nine different power levels to suit your cooking, ranging from a light simmer to a fast boil.

The zones can even be set to automatically switch off after a set amount of time to prevent overcooking, giving you precise and accurate cooking results every time.

The timer function can also be used as a simple minute minder to alert you when your set time has ended, rather than switching off.

For added peace of mind, the hob comes with a number of clever safety features. Each cooking zone comes with a residual heat indicator to let you know when the surface has cooled to a temperature that's safe to touch. Plus, it'll automatically switch off if you accidentally leave a cooking zone on for a long period of time.

You can even lock the touch controls so that the hob settings can't be accidentally activated.


  • 60cm 4 Zones Ceramic Hob
  • Vitro ceramic glass
  • Touch Control
  • 9 Power settings
  • 99 Minute Timer

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