Miele WCI860 1600 spin 9 kg washing machine with Twin Dos & Power wash

  • €1,399.95
  • Save €169

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Bring home the Miele W1 WCI860 front-loading washing machine to give your clothes the best deep clean. It uses the TwinDossystem that automatically dispenses just the right amount of detergent in two phases for thorough washing. You can use the stains option, which adds the pre-wash cycle and extends the main wash cycle to remove tough stains from clothes. The PowerWash option helps you save energy by reducing wash duration and water level without compromising on wash performance. This washing machine is specially designed with a honeycomb drum to be gentle on the fabric so that there is no chance of pilling.

Revolutionary Economy With Every Load

PowerWash offers the highest level of cleaning performance with QuickPowerWash in less than an hour. Appliances wash up to 40 percentage more economically than is required for the highest energy efficiency class, even with moderate cycle times no programme takes longer than three hours. Small loads are washed economically, too. This is possible thanks to the Spin Spray technology which works with a very low water level and saves heating energy.

Perfect Laundry Care

The web-like surface structure of the Miele honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry. Best Liquid Detergent System With Push Of A Button

When you purchase a washing machine with TwinDos you receive 4 UltraPhase1 cartridges and 3 UltraPhase 2 cartridges at no extra cost allowing you to save on more than six months' worth of detergent costs.


Wash And Dry Two Types Of Textiles

For mixed loads: cottons and polycottons can be conveniently processed together.

Most Gentle Treatment Of Your Favourite Garments

No shrinkage, no felting: Delicate wool fabrics are cared for particularly gently, maintaining their quality.

Very Delicate Handling Of Natural Fibres

Excellent care: all hand-washable textiles which do not contain wool are washed extremely gently.

Special Programme For Home Textiles

Sparkling clean: a pre-wash to remove dust and dirt is carried out automatically before the intensive main wash.


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