Mate Bike Mate X 750W Dusty Army 32Km/h

  • €2,599.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

From deep woods to urban jungle, this electric bike is ideal for those seeking a practical utility machine yet thrive for that bit of adventure. Incredibly powerful motor with high torque authoritatively gets you to the top of every peak. Its robust full suspension, all-terrain fat tires and reliable disc brakes with pinpoint modulation keep you in control on your return trip down. Extended range battery for significantly increasing your playing field.

With the all new Mate X 750W Dusty Army, go ahead and venture off the beaten path. Aircraft grade 6061 aluminium frame, all-terrain fat tires and full suspension, you are prepared for any adventure. Keeping you in control at all times are its superb disc brakes with fingertip modulation. Packed with smart features for taking any ride to the next level of freedom and pleasure.

Full colour LCD display provides you with every bit of data you’ll need both during the ride, as well as after for analysing what you’ve accomplished. Live battery usage is shown in % for planning just how far you can push your distances. Integrated 5V charging port to keep your phone topped off.


  • 5V Charging Port
  • Powerful motor
  • Full colour LCD display

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