MAGIMIX  Le Mini Plus Food Processor 18251

MAGIMIX Le Mini Plus Food Processor 18251

  • €199.95

The Magimix 18251 Le Mini Food Processor in Cream, Is perfect for those who need efficient technology on a smaller scale, Use for the smaller family or in a compact kitchen. The Le Mini is designed perfectly to work in cosier spaces so that the maximum amount of power can be used with the minimum amount of space being taken up. This unique model with its selection of useful spares will make it possible for you to create a range of tasty treats and even make the process fun. You will love to experiment with the power and proficiency of the Le Mini, making the kitchen your favourite room in the house.


  • Bowl for mincing, mixing, chopping, kneading, grating, slicing, emulsifying.
  • Knife Blade for chopping, crushing, blending, mixing.
  • Blendermix a finer and improved blend for velouté soups, smoothies and pancake batters. 
  • Slicing/Grating Disc 2 mm
  • Slicing/Grating Disc 4 mm

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