LG Styler S3BF WiFi-Enabled Steam Clothing Care System Black

  • €2,199.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Refresh your clothes with the LG Styler S3BF WiFi-enabled Steam Clothing Care System. The TrueSteam technology will remove bacteria and sterilise your clothes. This is ideal for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

You can also use it to gently and quickly dry your clothes you wouldn't trust your tumble dryer with. Delicate blouses, cashmere sweaters or suits will come out dry, fresh and without a wrinkle.

It can even dehumidify your clothes or infuse them with fragrance.

All you need to do is plug it into a regular socket and fill the water container. After the cycle is over you empty the drain tank and it's ready to go again.

You can even pair the Styler with your phone via the LG ThinQ app. This lets you start and monitor cycles, download additional functions and run smart diagnosis.


  • Capacity: 3 items
  • Sensor drying
  • Manage your drying using your phone

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