KITCHENAID Traditional Two Slice Toaster 5KMT2115BOB

  • €100.00

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Adjustable shade control dial with 5 shade settings - Regulates browning of the toast, from 1 (light) to 5 (dark).

Manual high-lift lever - Raises even the smallest slices to a high level for easy access and removal when toasting is complete.

Bagel button - Reduces the power on one side of the heating elements by 50%. Gently browns the outside (bottom of bagel) while toasting the inside (cut side).

Extra wide (3.8 cm) slots with self-centering racks, and extra-deep, steel toasting cavity - Accepts the thickest bagels, breads or pastries and ensures even browning and heating of thin or thick breads.

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