Bosch Serie | 2 Freestanding Fridge Freezer With Freezer At Bottom White

  • €549.95
  • Save €150

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Forget the hassle of defrosting. NoFrost maintains a steady flow of dry air throughout your fridge-freezer to prevent ice from building up. It’s the end of the ice age, and the hassle of defrosting is gone for good.

Most fridges need an all-round gap for proper cooling, but our PerfectFit fridges don’t require that extra space. Because PerfectFit fridges don’t create external condensation, they can be placed right next to a wall, kitchen unit or other appliances. That saves valuable space, and it could allow you to install a larger PerfecFit fridge than a conventional one.

LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges, guaranteeing even, glare-free interior illumination. LED lights use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last an (appliance) lifetime.


  • Place your fridge right next to walls and other appliances to save space
  • NoFrost
  • LED lighting - with soft start, lasts for the lifetime of the appliance

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