KENWOOD Multi Pro Food Processor - FP691-Briscoes

KENWOOD Multi Pro Food Processor - FP691

  • €79.95

The FP691 has a powerful 900 watt motor, a generous 15 litre bowl and a high speed 15 litre liquidiser, to impress all of your friends and family with delicious soups and milk shakes

You can mix your own curry pastes, chopping herbs, nuts, breadcrumbs etc with its simple multi mill The stainless steel chopping blade helps you chop meat and vegetables, as well as make delicious dips, and even the lightest of cake mixes Want to have a go at making your own bread, well you can do this with the dough tool

 A Twin geared metal whisk will amaze you with the volume of egg white it will magic We all know the benefits of drinking lots of fresh juice, a citrus press and centrifugal juicer ( for fruit and veg) will help you in this There are two different shredding and slicing discs plus one for Julienne slices and another for grating parmesan etc Not only can you impress with your culinary skills, this machine will look very smart on your work top, and by the way offers 8 different speeds plus pulse action

  • Suitable for small family servings
  • 15 litre capacity
  • Dishwasher safe

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