Grandhall K03000281A Premium GT3 And Side Burner Sear Burner Stainless Steel

  • €999.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Grilling in general is becoming more and more an integral part of our lives. Australian GrandHall grills offer quality; exceptional equipment and an attractive design; all at a reasonable price.

The built-in GrandHall PREMIUM G3 gas grill with infrared side burner forms a compact set of grill and burner for installation on the top of an outdoor kitchen.

The built-in GrandHall PREMIUM G3 gas grill with infrared side burner is a compact set consisting of a Premium G3 gas built-in grill and a separate searing-type infrared burner; designed for mounting on an outdoor kitchen. The quality grill is equipped with three stainless steel burners and an infrared burner for searing cooking. Due to its size; the grill is ideal for family parties or with friends; in addition to the fact that it still has a competitive price. The construction of the grill allows you to create a unique cooking point; depending on individual requirements. The grill consists of a complete set with infrared burner; which is equipped with a ceramic burner with a maximum power of 4.6 kW. This combination will especially please steak lovers; as the infrared burner for searing / cauterization is suitable for preparing delicious grilled foods. As the infrared burner reaches significantly higher temperatures than the burners inside the grill; the steaks cook quickly; while remaining juicy and tender inside. The compact grill set with burner allows an easy installation and gives the whole elegance; because it gives the impression of a single device. Until now; the installation of the grill and the burner was done separately; which imposed greater requirements on the works and related materials. The burner is embedded; that is; if the burner is not used as such; the space above it (with lid) can be used as a place to store or keep food and barbecue accessories at hand. The maintenance of the burner is easy; because; due to the high temperature; everything that drips inside burns by itself. Excess fat is collected in the tray drawer under the burner.


  • Electronic button ignition
  • Indirect heating or cooking rack
  • Large handle for easy handling

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