Haier, HTF-556DP6, Multi Door Fridge Freezers Cube 83 Series 5, Silver

  • €1,099.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Freestanding, 4 doors, No Frost, Light Led, Class F, Stainless steel INOX, L x P x A (mm) 908x750x1900
ABT® Anti-Bacterial Technology
Fitted with Haier’s Fresher Techs
Humidity Zone
F Class
Dry Zone
Switch Zone
Touch display
Total No Frost technology

Cube 90 Series 7
The four-door Cube 90 refrigerator is available in a variety of finishes, each one as elegant as the next. At 90cm wide, there are both 190cm and 200cm height models. The Cube 90 is also fitted with the best of Haier's revolutionary Fresher Techs®, our innovations that ensure your groceries are kept fresher for longer. Haier's Cube 90 Series 7 refrigerators guarantee the perfect preservation of your food thanks to specialised zones equipped with advanced technologies and other solutions in both the fridge and freezer.

Keep your fridge bacteria-free so flavours last longer
Haier's exclusive ABT®, anti-bacterial treatment, reduces the number of bacteria in your refrigerator's airflow, preserving your food's flavours and increasing its storage life. ABT® uses ultraviolet light to activate a photocatalysis reaction that drastically reduces the proliferation of bacteria in the air, removing up to 99.9% of bacteria. The reduction of cross-contamination of food helps to maintain their original flavours, thus improving hygiene within the refrigerator and protecting your health.

State of the art cooling technology from Haier
Fresher Techs are the innovative technologies exclusively created by Haier that have been designed with one objective: keeping your foods fresher & tastier for longer.

Preserve fresh food 2 times longer
Haier’s Humidity Zone drawer keeps your fruit and vegetables fresh two times longer*. It's able to do this thanks to HCS (Humidity Control System) Technology, a plant fiber membrane that keeps moisture levels at 90% within the compartment. The precisely maintained humidity levels prevent any condensed water from forming inside the drawer, their nutritional content of your groceries for longer.
*as certified by VDE N° ID.40046454

F Class
Choosing Haier’s F Class Refrigerators means saving energy, improving performance efficiency and respecting the environment. -20% consumption compared to the G Class.

Preserve humidity sensitive food
The Dry Zone is the perfect place to store dairy, aged cheeses, cured meats and items that are particularly sensitive to humidity such as fresh pasta and ravioli. Using an air duct, the humidity levels within the compartment is kept at 45% - the optimum level for storing foods of this type.

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