Haier, HB18FGSAAA, Multi Door Fridge Freezers FD 83 Series 7, Grey

  • €1,599.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Freestanding, 4 doors, No Frost, Light Led, Class E, Iconic Glass, L x P x A (mm) 830x669x1900
Iconic Glass finish
Total No Frost technology
Fresher Sensors for optimum temperature regulation
Humidity Zone
Fresher Pad for ultra-fast freezing
E Class
LED lighting
ABT® Anti-Bacterial Technology

Haier's stunning French Door 83 refrigerators bring together the very best of our revolutionary Fresher Tech® cooling technologies. At 83cm wide, they integrate all of our knowledge in how to create usable products thanks to precision ergonomic engineering. The result is a range of energy-efficient refrigerators that keep your food fresher for longer, and that is able to respond to any kitchen's needs no matter the space or size. Haier's FD 83 Series 7 refrigerators guarantee the perfect preservation of your food thanks to specialised zones able to manage temperature and/or humidity, advanced technology, and other solutions in both the fridge and freezer compartments.

Quietly efficient for quicker cooling
The superior engineering that has gone into developing Haier’s inverter refrigerator compressors means that vibrations are significantly reduced during their operation, so they’re less noisy, while still delivering outstanding energy efficiency and super-fast cooling.

Understated yet breathtakingly beautiful
This refrigerator from our Iconic Glass range is yet another testament to Haier's dedication to creating products that not only perform to the highest levels seen anywhere on the market, but that also brings an element of outstanding beauty to any home.

Innovative technology for effortless maintenance
Haier's highly innovative Total No Frost technology cleverly prevents the formation of frost in your fridge-freezer. A special ‘Fresher Shield' prevents warm air from entering your freezer during the continuous automatic defrosting process, protecting your frozen foods and preventing unnecessary energy loss. Now you'll never have to defrost your freezer again. Maintaining your fridge-freezer has never been so easy!

Smart temperature regulation throughout your fridge
Haier's Fresher Sensors are placed on every shelf to monitor temperature and ensure cool air is redirected to the parts of the fridge that require it. Thanks to this intelligent innovation, newly added food items are quickly brought to their optimal temperature; not only preserving valuable nutrients but also significantly extending storage life.

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