FISHER & PAYKEL 60cm 9 Function Built-in Oven - 72L - OB60SC9DEX1

  • €649.95
  • Save €80

This Fisher & Paykel 60cm, 85L built-in oven has nine functions for a variety of cooking styles.

  • 85L total capacity
  • Nine oven functions including Pastry Bake, Roast and Fan Bake
  • Non-tip shelves so you can safely slide hot dishes out of the oven

Depth 565mm
Height 598mm
Width 597mm


Cooking flexibility-This built-in oven has nine functions with pre-set temperatures, including Bake, Fan Bake and Fan Forced allowing you to use a variety of cooking styles.

Sized to suit-Designed for multi-shelf cooking, this is one of the largest built-in ovens on the market providing 85L total capacity. The higher internal cavity allows you to fit a large casserole dish, the family roast and a pie for dessert.

Easy cleaning-This built-in oven has catalytic liners that break down oil and fat splashes during cooking so you don’t have to spend hours cleaning.

Safe and sound-The CoolTouch door with triple glazing and cooling system is safe to touch from the outside, protecting your hands and the surrounding cabinetry.

Perfect results-Our built-in ovens feature ActiveVent - a unique technology that optimises moisture levels, essential when cooking a succulent roast chicken or a light pavlova. AeroTech technology circulates heat evenly, ideal for multi-shelf cooking.


Bake -The Bake function radiates heat from the top and bottom of the oven whilst natural convection currents evenly distribute heat. Moisture is retained to provide light, succulent dishes. For best results, only bake on one shelf at a time.

Classic Bake -Classic Bake generates heat from the bottom, ideal for slow cooking and gentle cooking of delicate recipes. There is no direct heating to the top of food so it’s perfect for dishes that require minimal surface browning.

Fan Bake -Fan Bake generates heat at the top and bottom of the oven, with the fan creating airflow throughout. The increased airflow speeds up cooking so oven temperatures can be lowered by 20oC for most recipes.

Fan Forced -The Fan Forced function is great for multi-shelf cooking. Heat is generated at the rear of the oven and is distributed evenly throughout by the fan.

Fan Grill -The intense heat and radiation of the Fan Grill function works well for cooking large cuts of meats, so they are moist inside and crisp on the outside.

Grill -The Grill function delivers intense heat from the inner region of the top element when you need to quickly grill one or two portions. 

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