Whirlpool, FFTCM108BUK, 8KG Condenser Tumble Dryer, White

  • €499.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Product Data Sheet


This Whirlpool freestanding Tumble Dryer features: spacious 8kg capacity drum, innovative technology and special features, that enhance drying results, provide exceptional care for your garments, and assist you through automatic settings. With its 8kg drum capacity, this Whirlpool Dryer provides all the space you need for your laundry. Keep your garments fresh up to 6 hours after the cycle is over.

Innovative FreshCare+ system takes care of your garments inside the dryer thanks to intelligent delicate temperature control and delicate tumbling action that keep garments fresh and prevent bad odours. FreshCare+ treatment leaves truly fresher clothes and peace of mind – even hours after the end of the cycle. Extra spacious-your laundry gets all the space it needs. And with the Big Items program even the bulkiest loads will be perfectly dry. The Jeans program is designed to dry your heavy-fibre jeans efficiently and delicately. The Silk program allows you to dry up to 1.5kg of silk items safely, at very low temperatures. The Sport program is specially designed to dry delicate or mixed-fibre sportswear clothing, providing ideal results, always. This Whirlpool Dryer is designed to provide ideal results, while functioning at very low noise levels, so you can enjoy some extra peace and quiet.


  • 8kg Drying Capacity: Perfect for medium to large households
  • Big Item Program - accommodates extra laundry so even the bulkiest loads will be perfectly dry
  • Enjoy the silence - this dryer is designed to provide ideal results, while functioning at a very low noise level

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