Mi Electric Scooter Essential

  • €449.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA


  • 500W maximum power (250W rated power)
  • 12.4 miles maximum range
  • 12.4 mph maximum speed
  • Fast folding system
  • 8.5" air filled tyres
  • Multifunctional dashboard
  • Aerospace grade aluminium body
  • E-ABS + disc brake
  • Cruise control
  • 12KG weight

Three speed modes

The Xiaomi Essential Electric Scooter features 3 speed modes to suit your journey. Use the pedestrian mode for when you need to slowly navigate. Use the standard mode for every day commuting journeys. The sports mode will give you the maximum speed for times when you need that extra kick! Changing speed mode is easy on the Mi Essential Scooter, simply press the power button twice & it will cycle between the modes.

  • Pedestrian mode: 0-5km/h
  • Standard mode: 0-15km/h
  • Sports mode: 0-20km/h

Easy fold system

Utilise the 3 second easy fold system to make carrying & storing the Xiaomi Essential Scooter easier. The low density, aluminium alloy frame means it weighs in at only 12 KG. This makes carrying it around for commuting much easier.

Your perfect driving companion

Connect your Mi Scooter Essential to the Mi Home App to give you an overview of your scooter. When using the app, you can get access to:

  • Ride stats
  • Remote locking system
  • Cruise control*
  • Firmware upgrades

Easy to see

An upgrade from the previous Mi Pro Scooter is the addition of reflectors. These have been added to the front, sides & tail light. This gives you increased visibility & safety when riding at night.

More power, speed & range

The Mi Essential Electric Scooter has a 50W motor (max power) & high safety lithium battery, which gives you fast acceleration & a long battery life. It has a top speed of 20 km/h & can complete climb hills at an incline of 10%.

Improved energy recovery

The kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) has been fully upgraded, and the energy conversion efficiency has been further improved. It can recover the kinetic energy of each braking and non-powered coasting, and convert it into usable electrical energy to further improve the cruising range.

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