Bluetens 8 Pack Electrodes (M)

Bluetens 8 Pack Electrodes (M)

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Electrode pads in size M with snap-on connector for Bluetens BLT02 Muscle Stimulators. Designed to help you stimulate two body regions at a time, the pads flexibly adapt to your body shape. The stimulation performance of the self-adhesive pads decreases after a certain usage frequency and the pulse of worn or damaged electrodes may become quite uncomfortable. Therefore, you should replace the electrode pads of your EMS device after around 25 to 30 uses at the latest to ensure best contact and stimulation performance. Moreover, you should replace the pads if they no longer stick to the skin or if the adhesive backing is covered with fluff.


  • Self-adhesive electrode pads
  • Suitable for Bluetens BLT02 (product code 2284875)
  • Electrode gel for best conductivity
  • Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic
  • Very adhesive and don’t leave a sticky residue

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