Delonghi EC9665 La Specialista Maestro Pump Machine Stainless Steel

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€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

La Specialista Maestro offers an indulgent and aspirational experience. It has been created to enhance every coffee and milk preparation, from getting the best out of each type of coffee bean to experimenting with your favourite milk recipes. Thanks to De'Longhi technology, experienced and know-how, coffee connoisseurs will become a pro-barista in their home.

Sensory Grinding Technology: The advanced grinder is equipped with two sensors to deliver a consistent coffee dose. There are 8 grind settings to easily manage different types of coffee beans.

Smart Tamping Station: Reach consistent pressure results on the dose, without any mess of spilled coffee ground. Everything happens inside.

Active Heating Control: High-performing Thermoblock with controlled temperature system, which ensures temperature stability when brewing. 5 temperature stability profiles bring out the full flavour of the beans.

Dynamic Pre-infusion: The pre-infusion is adapted to the density of the coffee dose to ensure the entire surface of the pod is evenly wet, for an optimal extraction.

Milk Frothing: 2 milk frothing options: automatic for convenience, manual for the barista experience.


  • Active heating control
  • Dynamic pre-infusion
  • Milk frothing

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