De Dietrich, DKC7340W, Combi Oven, White

De Dietrich, DKC7340W, Combi Oven, White

  • €1,149.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

When time is of the essence in creating, making or adjusting your recipes, there's nothing quite like the Multifunction Combined Microwave. It defrosts in record time, reheats, roasts and can cook two large dishes at once thanks to the Fan-Assist function - all whilst preserving the taste and nutritional value of your creations.

Microwave Function: Nothing beats a microwave when it comes to defrosting things in record time, or reheating or cooking two large dishes simultaneously. Combining a folding grill with four different power settings and Fan cooking, this microwaves offers 14 preprogrammed dishes for an automatic cooking process.

Fan Cooking Function: The Fan Cooking function is the only process that preserves the delicate texture of white meat and the aroma and flavour of foods cooked en papillote. Circulation heat is distributed with extremely powerful resistance, which heats beter and faster.

Speed Defrost Function: This function allows you to speedily defrost by calculating the right amount of time depending on type and weight of food.

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