BRAUN Multiquick 9 - MQ9038

BRAUN Multiquick 9 - MQ9038

  • €109.95
  • Save €30

There’s nothing better than a flavour-packed curry, even more so when you have the satisfaction of making it completely from scratch, and whipping up your own perfect blend of spices couldn’t be easier with the Braun MultiQuick9 Hand Blender. There’s more to this versatile maestro than spices however; this mighty blender does it all, helping you to make everything from hearty winter soups to healthy smoothies, and allowing you to grind, chop, blend, puree, mash and whisk your way to culinary perfection.

Spice and coffee grinder

Grinding spices and dry ingredients in seconds, the container is made from stainless steel to ensure there are no lingering smells or flavours, even from your most aromatic spice blends. You can prepare a curry one night, wash it up, then grind your coffee beans for your morning pick me up, with absolutely no flavour transfers, as, let’s face it, no one wants a curry-flavoured coffee


  • Fast and powerful stick blender, ideal for a variety of jobs in your kitchen!
  • Chop, whisk, grind and blend - with spice and coffee grinder
  • ACTIVEBlade technology does all the hard work so you can save on elbow grease
  • Splash control technology and easy Click Plus attachments
  • MQ 9 Hand Blender with Coffee and Spice Grinder, Chopper, BPA free Plastic Beaker, and Whisk

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