Bosch Serie 6, 9 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer WTWH7660GB

  • €949.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Home Connect heatpump dryer with SelfCleaning Condenser. Great performance guaranteed with constantly low energy consumption of A++.

Automatic condenser cleaning guarantees a high drying performance and offers low energy consumption with an A++ rating.
AutoDry: gently dries laundry to exactly the degree of dryness you want.
AntiVibration Design: extremely stable and especially quiet thanks to special vibration protection.
Fast drying: dries a full load considerably fast.
Sensitive Drying system: soft, even drying thanks to the unique drum structure.

  • Your desired dryness at the touch of a button.
  • Easy Start. The right recommendation for the right job.
  • Smart Energy Management We all get to choose our home appliances, but we don’t always have a say when it comes to energy usage. Home Connect’s FlexStart option allows you to use your Bosch home appliances in the most efficient way. You can now choose the timeframe in which your home appliances are supposed to operate - with the Home Connect app on your mobile device. Your energy management system then automatically uses the best available energy source for the operation of your home appliances.
  • Fabric-friendly drying with the Sensitive Drying System.
  • Down Drying A down-filled jacket needs to be dried differently from a pair of denim jeans. With gentle warm air, a wide range of programs and our fabric-protecting drum structure, our tumble dryers always provide the best care for every item of laundry.
  • Energy efficient drying The innovative heat pump technology uses air heat to dry clothes, greatly reducing the appliance's energy consumption.

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