BOSCH Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Unlimited PRO Animal

  • €279.95
  • Save €170

Serie | 8 Rechargeable vacuum cleanerUnlimited ProAnimal Red

Effortlessly clean your home from top to bottom with this cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch. With a 40 minute run time, you’ll breeze through your chores without having to stop and charge it in between. And the Pet Hair Removal tool is perfect if your pet sheds white fur on a dark carpet or sofa. 

The exhaust air is cleaner than the ambient air.
The long-lasting cartridge filter with the Pure Air membrane as well as the Hygienic Filter guarantees that the vacuum cleaner releases air that is clean and harmless.

ProAnimal Brush: electrical nozzle for high cleaning performance on all floors, additional brush roll ideal for pet hair
Extended runtime: exchangeable battery pack enables you to extend the runtime if necessary.
Power for ALL System: The battery pack is also part of the 18-volt cordless system from Home & Garden.
DigitalSpin Motor: high performing, compact, lightweight and for a long lifetime


Filter cleaning: Easy filter cleaning with RotationClean - no washing needed.
Easy to remove and empty 0.4 l dust container
Easy Clean System: Easy removal and cleaning of the nozzle brush roll


Cleaning on all levels: Thanks to multiple accessories, you can clean up every kind of dirt, from the floor to the ceiling – even in your car.
Easy storage: docking station for convenient storage of appliance and accessories
0.9 litre usable capacity
Long flexible crevice nozzle
2in1 furniture brush & upholstery nozzle
XXL upholstery nozzle: extra-wide for faster cleaning of upholstered furniture
Weight (ready for use with tube and floor nozzle): 2.9kg

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