Bluetens Duo-Sport: 2 Wireless Devices

Bluetens Duo-Sport: 2 Wireless Devices

  • €224.95
  • Save €25

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Electrostimulation to recover, relieve pain and strengthen 2 times more powerful, 2 times more efficient.

Introducing the new BLUETENS Duo Sport, which allows you to recover, strengthen and heal yourself in complete freedom.

Selection of the areas to be worked on and the desired effect.

Possibility to drive one or both Bluetens Sport with the same program or different programs.


  • Possibility to pause the program and pass the heating and rest phases.
  • Adjustment of the intensity by means of the control wheel and/or Bluetens application
  • Description of electrostimulation programs Indication of electrode placement with-anatomical photo

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