Bluetens Classic Blue Box

Bluetens Classic Blue Box

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Developed by a French team, Bluetens is medically certified and helps you feel better. Bluetens generates an electric current that, depending on frequency, intensity and length, will treat you, make you relax and strengthen you - in total freedom. Whether you need a natural painkiller, active recovery or strength or just to relax - Bluetens is the solution for you.


  • Relaxation - After a tough physical activity or a stressful, exhausting day, Bluetens relaxing massage helps you relax and restores a feeling of well-being.
  • Relieves pain and helps the body recover - Physiotherapy programs specially designed by experts, relieve pain and help the body recover faster after injuries.
  • A mild, 100% natural remedy also used by therapists.
  • Exercise - Various programs designed to prepare the muscles for exercise.
  • Bluetens strengthens your muscles and improves your performance where you need it most.

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