Black & Decker, BHFEV362DP-GB, 36v Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner

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Cordless cleaning

The Black + Decker POWERSERIES Extreme Pet 4-in-1 BHFEV362DP-GB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a cordless design that makes it easy to clean throughout your home. You'll be able to see when it needs popping back on charge thanks to the charge indicator that shows you how much charge is remaining.


The low and medium speeds are perfect for everyday cleaning and for keeping the battery going for longer. If you need to deal with tougher dirt, just switch to high speed for deeper cleaning.

The powered anti-tangle beater bar lets you deal with hair without needing to untangle it later.

It's got a wide mouth, which means it can scoop up large debris as well as small particles.

Filter and bin

The twist and clean filter works with a unique 'pepper grinder' feature. It lets you get the dirt out of your filter easily so you can keep your vacuum cleaner working perfectly.

When you need to empty the POWERSERIES Extreme Pet just tip the contents into the bin in one easy move.

Features + Benefits

  • Battery charge indicator - displays the remaining charge so you know when the battery is running low and it's time to recharge
  • Three-speed setting - use the low and medium speeds for everyday cleaning and extra run time, whilst the high speed can be used for a maximum deep clean
  • Powered anti-tangle beater bar - Patent-pending design for deep, powerful clean with close to zero hair wrap. Virtually no need to remove and disentangle hair
  • Twist and clean filter - Beat out the dirt by means of a unique "pepper grinder" feature. Keeps your filter cleaner for longer to maintain optimum performance
  • Transparent 750ml easy empty bowl - Easy to see when it needs emptying - just take it to the bin and pop the dirt out in one easy move. No need to touch the dirt

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