Sunred BAR-1500H Barcelona Hanging Heater Black

  • €169.95
  • Save €130

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

The hanging version from the Barcelona series of the terrace heater brand Sunred; is characterised by the sleek finish and the compact size. The halogen heating element heats with a capacity of 1;500 watts. You can even feel the heat when the wind blows; because the infrared patio heater heats up the body and objects from inside out. This way you know that you always experience pleasant warmth when it gets colder in the evening. The soft halogen glow is also not irritating to the eye; so you also experience enough comfort in that area. Do you have only little space? No problem. This Barcelona has a diameter of 42.5 centimetres; making this heater suitable for the smaller gardens.

With the matt black look the heater looks modern and also proves its value when the heater is not used. The patio heater includes a chain; so you can easily hang it in your porch or above the garden table. When the heater is switched on; the Sunred Barcelona will burn at maximum power within 5 seconds. And you will enjoy it for a long time; because the heater has an estimated life span of 8;000 hours.


  • Halogen heating element
  • 1;500 Watt
  • Heats the body from the inside
  • Compact size
  • With installation chain
  • Easy to install
  • Full power within 5 seconds

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