AfterShokz OpenComm Bone Conducting Stereo Headset Grey

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Enjoy the comfort of listening with nothing in your ears. The OpenComm wireless bone conduction headset is designed to allow clear and effective communication while talking and listening.

Featuring a DSP noise-cancelling boom mic, this headset delivers high-quality audio, ensuring smooth communication. In addition, equipped with remarkable technology like Quick Charge and NFC Pairing, OpenComm is the great choice for any work conditions.

OpenComm allows you to listen to audio without blocking up your ears. With the open-ear design there is no risk of getting ear inflammation and your ears only experience the lightest of pressure, even after being worn for long periods of time. With your ear open to ambient sound, you remain aware of what’s going on in the environment around you, even whilst listening and talking.

OpenComm has been created with a DSP noise-cancelling boom microphone, minimising background noise and enhancing selective listening. With only a 6cm distance to your mouth, it is positioned to capture and enhance everything you say.

OpenComm is equipped with Qualcomm 3024 chips supporting more complex sounds and precise tuning. Engineered with Premium Pitch™ 2.0 audio technology, the sound quality is further boosted by 7th generation bone conduction technology that allows mid to high-range frequencies to be heard with total clarity, perfect for the human voice.

OpenComm provides 8 hours of battery life and 14 days standby time per charge. If you are using OpenComm as an input-only device (e.g. hosting a live streaming), it gives you up to 16-hours of talk time. Even for day-long meetings OpenComm will not quit until you do.

Quick charge is incredibly convenient when urgent issues arise. OpenComm is AfterShokz' first product with a built-in quick charge function. It only takes 60 minutes to fully charge the headphones and a mere 5 minutes to give OpenComm up to 2 hours of talk time, perfect in emergencies. Finally, you can get rid of low-battery anxiety.


  • Dual Noise-Canceling Boom Microphone
  • Situational Awareness
  • Open-Ear Comfort
  • 16 Hours Of Talk Time

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