Sunred ARTIX-HB Artix Hanging Heater Black

  • €249.95
  • Save €150

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Experience warmth and design at the same time? Sunred’s ARTIX HB hanging halogen heater offers it both. With the remote control you can easily adjust your warmth; in 800; 1.000 or 1.800 Watt. So you know that you have multiple options. The halogen element is usable in almost every area; because the element warms up your body from inside out. Wind doesn’t influence the heat.

With the included chain installation is a matter of minutes. When the heater can be turned on; you experience the maximum heat in less than 5 seconds. When it is warm enough outside; you can always use this ARTIX HB as an outdoor light. The 3 Watt LED light can be used apart from the heating element.


  • Halogen Heater
  • Unique design
  • Wind does not influence the heat
  • With 3 Watt LED light

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