SumUp 3G Retail Package - UK/IE

  • €99.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Expand your business with the SumUp 3G Card Reader. Whether you're selling vintage clothes at the market or running a pop-up street food stall, you can take card payments just as easily as cash. And with the built-in 3G SIM card with unlimited data, you don't need any extra device or connection.

The SumUp Reader works with all major cards and accepts Chip & Pin, contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The handy SumUp app will help you keeping everything neat and organised.

You can use it to set up product catalogues with various VAT rates, track sales including tips and digital receipts, and even manage multiple employees through a single dashboard.

And with everything at the same place, your tax report's going be a breeze.

There are no contracts or paperwork to bind you. Fully transparent, you just pay a flat fee off every transaction you make and you'll have your money within three working days.

And since the terminal is totally wireless, you can get paid anywhere you go. Just recharge it overnight with a USB and you're ready for another day.


  • Accepts Chip & Pin / Contactless / Apple Pay / Google Pay
  • Pay a flat rate for every contactless or chip & PIN transaction
  • Set up product catalogues & track sales
  • Connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet
  • Built-in 3G SIM card

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