LG 65" 4K QNED916 Smart TV

  • €2,399.95
  • Save €300

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The ultimate evolution of LCD TV technology

LG QNED MiniLEDcombines Quantum Dot NanoCellcolour technology with MiniLEDtechnology to deliver bold colour, impressive brightness and detailed contrast at 4K Ultra HD resolution. LG QNED MiniLEDis the Ultimate Evolution in LCD TV.


Quantum Dot NanoCell technology

LG QNED MiniLEDfeatures Quantum Dot NanoCellcolour technology, a ground-breaking new innovation that delivers content that is bursting with richer and more accurate colours, displaying delicate differences in tone and colour spectrum never seen beforeinLCD TVs.



LG QNED MiniLEDTVs are lit by thousands of tiny LED lights leading to a perfectly balanced contrast in every picture on screen, with deep blacks and impressive brightness.


Big immersion

QNED MiniLEDoffers big immersion in your viewing experience with 100% colour consistency even at wide viewing angles, large screen size options and remarkable resolutions at 4K Ultra HD.

Ports and Connection
HDMI 2.1
USB 2.0
3x USB


HDR Dolby Vision IQ
4K Mini LED Panel
Ultra Luminance Pro
AI Brightness Control
Advanced Color and Contrast Enhancement

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