WHIRLPOOL 65cm SmartCook Induction Hob with SmartSet - SMO654OFBTIXL-Briscoes

WHIRLPOOL 65cm SmartCook Induction Hob with SmartSet - SMO654OFBTIXL

  • €900.00
  • Save €99

Featuring 6th Sense Technology, intelligent sensors automatically set the ideal temperature and power for simmering, melting or boiling at the simple touch of a button. With 4 heating zones there’s space aplenty for your pans. You can also use the Power Boost Function to create a surge heat – perfect for flash frying or bringing a pan to the boil. Integrated FlexiZone Technology combines dedicated areas of the hob to make super-sized cooking space - perfect for when you’re trying to keep the fat hot in your Yorkshire pudding pan. The Front Touch Control Panel is easy to use. The handy simmer function keeps the temperature below the boiling point but higher than poaching temperature, giving you peace of mind and total control over your appliance. You can use the timer (with handy beeper) to avoid overcooking, while the hot surface indicator light lets you know when a zone is still hot to the touch. Another great safety features is the child lock that prevent little hands from messing with the controls. Designed to slot effortlessly into your existing counter, the sleek black glass surface of the Whirlpool SMO654OFBTIXL induction hob is the ideal way to revitalise your kitchen with a modern look without having to fork out for an expensive and time-consuming remodel. 6TH SENSE Technology - automatically sets the ideal temperature and power iXelium - A highly resistant exterior coating that protects surfaces from scratches and yellowing Front Touch Control Panel Induction Technology - Fast, efficient cooking where only the pan is heated, not the hob, reducing energy dispersion by 10%

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