Cecotec 054065 Hydro-boost 10000 Liberty

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Water cleaner with HydroBoost 10000 Liberty battery with 180 W. Maximum pressure 24 bar and maximum flow 180 l / h. Pressure regulator with ECO and Turbo mode. Up to 55 minutes of autonomy. He's got a soap container and a transport bag.

Perform perfect cleaning with ForceSonic technology for maximum power
up to 180W.

• Maximum pressure up to 24 bar to remove the most durable and heaviest dirt.
• Clean large areas faster thanks to high water flow
up to 180 l / h.

• Select the pressure level that best suits the cleaning requirements you need. You can choose between two
modes: Turbo and Eco.
• Thanks to Battery 20 V technology, it achieves an autonomy time of 55
minutes* and reduces charging time to
3 hours thanks to a lithium-ion battery of 2500 mAh 20V.

• Includes an adjustable nozzle to adapt the water jet outlet to any cleaning and pollution situation. With the adjustable
MultiNozzle nozzle, you can clean all dirt on any surface. Designed with up to 5 different outlet positions to adjust the water
flow and prevent damage to sensitive surfaces. It has a position with an output angle of 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and spray.
• It has a soap system with a soap container that attaches to the tip for thick and
durable foam, without loss of pressure, and dirt could be easily removed. Ideal for car and bike. Remove all dirt and get the perfect surface.
• Ergonomic and lightweight design for very comfortable use. Clean wherever you want with wireless technology and low weight.
• Easy accessory connection thanks to iClick system, which allows quick and easy connection.
• BS-Block safety system that locks the trigger to prevent the pressure wasmbal from starting accidentally. It allows
comfortable and safe cleaning.
• Cleans all types of surfaces thanks to a wide range of accessories. It has a MultiNozzle nozzle, a soap bottle, a TurboFlip 3D tube and a bag to carry a
pressure wasp for easy transport.
• Remove the most demanding dirt from the car, wheels, garden furniture or exteriors of your house without cables and in complete comfort.
• Only Silence technology for quiet cleaning with a noise level below 69 dB for quiet cleaning without harassment.
• Soay water directly from anywhere thanks to the built-in 5-meter hose.

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