Nedis Mini Air Cooler - White

  • €29.95
  • Save €30

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If you’re working in an office, you’re probably familiar with those situations of you turning the air-conditioning up while you’re colleague puts on an extra sweater. This Nedis® mini air cooler provides the answer as it cools your direct, personal environment without the person next to you even noticing.

This mini air cooler produces a more powerful and efficient breeze than a regular fan. Perfect to put on your desk but also great for your night stand, during hot summer nights since it’s very silent in the lowest of 3 speed settings.

The air cooler works as follows: it pulls in dry, hot air which is passed through a moistened pad. This pad absorbs the heat and the moisture in the pad evaporates, cooling the air with a few degrees for you to enjoy an invigorating, refreshing breeze. Compare it to spending a hot summer day on the water: even though temperatures are high, it still feels pleasantly cool. The humidified air is blown back into the room so you won’t face that dry air which comes with air conditioners. It works for hours without you having to refill it.


  • Compact
  • Produces humidified air
  • Adjustable wind speed

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