Russell Hobbs Emma Bridge Water Kettle

  • €85.00

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Russell Hobbs are proud to feature Emma Bridgewater’s cheerful and heart-warming Polka Dot design in their 2019 breakfast collection. The Polka Dot kettle has all the trusted features you’d expect from Russell Hobbs such as 70% quieter boil technology and faster boiling your drink will be ready in just 45 seconds. With its colourful design, the Polka Dot kettle is sure to bring cupfuls of joy to the heart of every kitchen.

It is 70% quieter meaning you can enjoy your favourite hot drinks, even when you need to be really quiet. It’s also perfect for smaller households, apartment living and warming baby’s bottle in the middle of the night.


  • Fast boil
  • Quiet boil 70% quieter
  • Saves up to 66% energy
  • Perfect pour spout

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