Marbotic Smart Letters

Marbotic Smart Letters

  • €59.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Involving our body in the learning process helps in concentration and memory skills. Children must use their motor skills to learn. This is why Marbotic combines wooden toys with a screen. The toys have no electronic components: they do not need a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Neither do the wooden elements need charging: the screen detects them thanks to the static electricity present in our bodies.


  • Pads do not require a WiFi or Bluetooth connection and do not require charging
  • The wooden blocks are made of high quality wood, perfectly finished, with rubber feet at the bottom so they do not scratch the screen
  • The application has been refined down to the smallest detail to make it as interesting as possible for the youngest users.
  • Combines tradition with digitization
  • It teaches children the alphabet, reading and writing, as well as correct pronunciation.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

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