Cecotec, 057379, Conga 2290 Ultra Wifi Robot Vac Vacuum Cleaner , Black

  • €299.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

Thanks to its innovating 4-in-1 technology, Conga 2290 vacuums, scrubs and sweeps simultaneously. It features the innovative SmartGyro 4.0 technology, a new organised navigation for a smarter, more efficient, intuitive and predictive cleaning. Thanks to its gyroscopic proximity, antishock and free-fall sensors, it cleans your home’s surface efficiently.
Its Virtual Map system will display your home’s map on your App. The robot will create the map as it cleans. Plus, you will be able to see it later in the cleaning record. The robot creates different maps for different moments, which allows improving cleaning routes thanks to its intelligence.
Its Memory Control allows the robot to memorize the cleaning route in order to find the quickest and most efficient cleaning route and to return back to the charging base once it has finished cleaning. Thanks to this system, the robot knows perfectly where it is, where it has gone through and where it hasn’t.
  • 8 Cleaning modes
  • 3 Power levels
  • App control
  • Virtual map
  • iTech SmartGyro 4.0 technology
  • Jalisco brush and brush for pets
  • Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Wet & dry tank
  • Autoclean base

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