Envie Multi Function Mini Beauty Fridge

  • €69.95

€5 recycling contribution on all MDA

The Envie Beauty Fridge, a mini thermo-electric chiller by Envie. This mini personal chiller that can cool down to 23 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature, which is by all means the most efficient chiller in its range. The cooling compartment is large enough to support quicker contact cooling. This mini fridge comes with Magnetic locking door for easy open and close.

Very compact and sits beautifully on the table top of your office, gym, room or bar cabinet. Carry it anywhere with a convenient handle. Envie Beauty fridge is a very versatile product ideal for serving chilled beverages at parties, the perfect bar companion.


  • Helps keep your skincare and cosmetics fresh for longer
  • Can help to extend shelf life and reduce harmful bacteria
  • Removable middle and door shelves
  • Sized to fit most skincare products
  • Can hold up to 2 litres
  • Thermoelectric system switches from cooling to warming
  • Cooling function ideal for maintaining cold snacks and beverages
  • Warming function ideal for maintaining warm snacks and hot drinks
  • Cools products up to 20 degrees below room temperature
  • Sized to fit most skincare products, canned drinks, small drink cartons

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