Miele Complete C2 Powerline - 10665860-Briscoes

Miele Complete C2 Powerline - 10665860

  • €179.99
  • Save €20

With a sleek, minimalistic design with an obsidian black outer shell, the Complete C2 PowerLine is designed for power in mind. With a bagged system, the multiple layers of filtration retain fine small particles, while the auto-shut mechanism keeps dust from escaping. For gentle running on hard floors and carpets, the SBD290-3 floorhead has wide thread lifters and a metal sole plate for improved suction yet still protecting your floors.

  • 900W Motor Efficiency
  • 10M operating radius
  • Integrated accessories


Miele have created a special bag fleece that provides multiple layers of filtration that retain more fine dust and small particles than a normal dustbag. Also featured is the auto-shut mechanism that automatically closes the bag when the vacuum is opened, preventing dust from escaping back in the air.


For adjustable, gentle and smooth running on hard floors and carpets, this floorhead has wide thread lifters and a metal sole plate for an improved clean.


Providing effective filtration for day to day needs. The AirClean filter provides 11 separate layers of filtration removing dust and particles from the air making it perfect for general home cleaning.


The Complete C3 PowerLine comes with a 12M operating radius, ideal for vacuuming the home without having to switch sockets.

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