Miele Countertop Coffee Machine - CM6150

  • €999.95
  • Save €400

Countertop coffee machine with OneTouch for Two for perfect coffee enjoyment.

  • Perfect milk froth for coffee specialities - Cappuccinatore
  • Perfect results and intense coffee flavour - AromaticSystem
  • Fully automatic perfection - OneTouch for Two
  • Convenient cleaning for care and mainten. - Cleaning programmes
  • Personal coffee experience – customised user profiles


In perfect harmony with perfect coffee

It's the perfect interplay of components – grinder, brew unit and pump – that ensures a superb coffee experience.

For more enjoyment together

Single or double: Extra programmes for making one or two cappuccinos or latte macchiatos.


Excels with its distinctive intense flavour and a thick crema.


Simply made with water and freshly ground coffee.

Long coffee

A greater amount is dispensed than a normal coffee, so even your favourite mug is completely full.


A concentrated, strong espresso. The same amount of ground coffee is prepared with very little water.


A perfect combination of espresso and creamy hot milk froth.

Caffè latte

In contrast to cappuccino, it is made from hot milk and espresso.

Hot milk and hot milk froth

Hot milk and prepared milk froth can be enjoyed on their own or as cocoa.

Latte macchiato

A composition of strong espresso, hot milk and milk froth.

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