Range Cookers

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Check out our stunning range cookers, perfect for big families or cooking for guests. Range cookers have great cooking capacity and flexibility, so you can work on multiple dishes at once.

Why not choose a multi-function oven? Perfectly cook any meal with a fan-assisted, conventional oven, with defrost and grill functions. 

Don't miss out on features that are unique to range cookers either! Check out models that include a bread proving drawer for amazing homemade bakes.

Our dual fuel cookers have electric ovens and gas hobs. Gas hobs are quick to heat up and easy to control. Electric ovens have more accurate heat settings and come with multiple features. So, you can get the best of both worlds!

If you have young kids, you'll be interested in the Steadfast pan support to eliminate pan wobbles and potential spills. Browse Rangemaster cookers and range cookers from Fisher & Paykel today!