Patio Heater

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We all love spending time outdoors with our friends and family when the days start getting longer. But there's nothing worse than starting to feel those evening chills creep in that can completely ruin the vibe!  An outdoor patio heater is the perfect way to beat Irish weather and keep entertaining into the night! Extend your outdoor season with our selection of charming garden heaters. Check out our electric patio heaters and outdoor gas heaters that will make a great addition to any home! Choose an electric patio heater when a portable and easy DIY electric heating option is needed. We sell electric patio heaters that come with 3 heat settings, so you can get your temperature just right. Our gas patio heaters are also a stylish and robust solution to provide quality heat performance. They come with a protective grille and reflector to guarantee safe operation. Other features include inbuilt wheels for easy portability and storage. Have you thought about protecting your next outdoor gas heater when not in use? With a gas heater cover, you'll be able to prevent water, insects and other debris from getting inside your new heater. The outdoor heaters we sell at Briscoes can be portable, fixed or mounted. If you have ceiling space, take a look at our ceiling patio heater that uses halogen technology to get everyone feeling nice and cosy.