WHIRLPOOL 60cm Induction Hob with 9 Power Levels - ACM804BA-Briscoes

WHIRLPOOL 60cm Induction Hob with 9 Power Levels - ACM804BA

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The Whirlpool ACM 804 BA is a 60cm Frameless Touch Control Induction Hob in Black, with 4 energy-efficient induction zones, with a booster on every zone, 9 power levels, touch control operation, and easy to clean smooth glass surface. Induction cooking- heat only where you need for a cooking surface you can trust. How does induction cooking work? When you turn on the hob, electricity flows through an induction coil creating an intense electromagnetic field. Place an induction friendly pan on the hob and the electromagnetic field instantly begins to heat it. The beauty of induction is that it heats the pan, not the hob. Cooking with an induction hob offers savings of up to 40% on energy compared with a traditional hob, and is also much faster. Safe and easy to clean-what more can you ask for? Hardly any heat is transmitted to the hob itself, so the temperature of the surface remains very low, making it safe for you and your family. An induction hob only functions when it detects a pan on the hob, switching off when no pan is present. And because the hob stays cool, any food or grease that spills onto it won't stick or burn onto the surface, making it remarkably easy to clean. Induction cooking offers a whole range of benefits compared to conventional technologies. As well as saving time and energy it is precise, amazingly safe, highly versatile and dramatically cuts down on cleaning. But a Whirlpool induction hob not only gives you all these advantages, it is also an elegant continuation of your work surface and an eye-catching enhancement to your kitchen. Induction Technology Faster, energy-efficient cooking. Induction technology heats the pan, not the hob, reducing energy dispersion by 10%, and providing perfect cooking results. Booster Smart savings. The Eco Booster function saves you up to 10% energy (compared to standard boosters). It analyses the power, time and energy required to boil water for a maximum of 9 minutes, then switches to a lower power automatically, to keep water at boiling level. Simmering Function Superb simmering. The Simmering function allows you to obtain the perfect results for your slow-cooking recipes, and prevents your food from toughening. Product Features: All Whirlpool induction and touch control hobs have the safety feature of a child lock on the controls All Whirlpool ceramic hobs have residual heat indicators on each zone to alert you when a zone is still hot Easy to clean smooth glass surface Easy grip control knobs are situated on a convenient front control panel Colour: Black

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