Gas BBQs

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Get ready for summer with your next gas bbq from Briscoes! One of the biggest benefits to buying a gas grill is how convenient they are. The speed at which they can be lit, pre-heated, and the ability to easily adjust temperatures makes a gas bbq a precise and predictable way of cooking. On top of that, you get hassle- free cleaning after. So for those of you with little time, this is often a big bonus! Our barbecues adapt seamlessly to your lifestyle. If you're looking for a small gas bbq, we have versatile and light table gas BBQs ideal for any location. Our larger, portable gas bbqs come with sturdy wheels so they can easily be moved around to suit you. Don't miss out on the Grandhall Stone Island Outdoor Kitchen with Gas BBQ. This fantastic outdoor kitchen comes complete with a built in gas bbq, a powerful side burner, sink with tap and a handy built-in trash can. All with more than enough workspace! On the other hand,  choose a 3 burner gas bbq with the Xenon 3 Black Gas Barbecue. This BBQ has a traditional burner system and is equipped with two cast iron cooking grids and a cast iron hotplate! Our 4 burner gas bbqs are also perfect for medium crowds. Choose one with an infrared rear rotisserie backburner and expand your menu repertoires! Some of our gas bbqs come equipped with extra features! Check out the warming racks, stainless steel grids, cast-iron porcelain- coated hot plates and side burners. Additional features prove handy for outdoor cooking as they allow you to spend more time outside with your guests. Just think of your red wine sauce simmering away on the side burner while you barbecue your steak and fries on the grill! We have a range of gas bbqs from Kuhn Rikon and Grandhall for your ultimate bbq experience!