Panasonic 49-Inch LED 4K Ultra HD HDR TV-TX49FX700B

Panasonic 49-Inch LED 4K Ultra HD HDR TV-TX49FX700B

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The FX700 series delivers amazing 4K HDR pictures and has a sophisticated, yet easy to use, smart TV platform. Premium slim LED panel with dark metallic trim and stand - which can be adjusted to fit your TV cabinet.
Accurate Lifelike Colour, Thanks to Enhanced Picture Processing - FX700's 4K HDR technology draws on our many years of great picture quality know-how to delivering beautiful and accurate images.
Delivers Colours with Absolute Accuracy Over a Wide Spectrum - By using special Wide Colour Phosphor Technology capable of producing a wider colour range, FX700 covers more than 90% of DCI standards. Wide Colour Spectrum TVs give you a more subtle, naturally toned colour palette which, unlike most LCD TVs, still looks authentic in any scene.
Support for multiple HDR formats - Our TVs support multiple HDR formats, such as HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). To enhance your HDR experience, we have unique functions, such as Auto Brightness Enhancer, to adjust video in response to light levels in your room.
Real-Life Images Created with High Contrast - Backlight control and signal processing combine to control the brightness in hundreds of areas for outstanding contrast expression. They also render fine hues and produce images with exceptional depth.
Your Favourite Programming in the Optimal Viewing Mode - Sport mode combines vivid hues with a surround sound effect for viewing football, and other stadium sports, as if you were at the game. The quick image response of Game mode brings you a more responsive playing sensation.
Adjustable Stand - Designed to Fit your Existing Furniture - Wide or narrow - with two distinct styles from one "Switch Design" stand. You can adjust the look of your TV to suit your AV accessories (e.g. soundbar) or simply to better fit your TV cabinet.


2 Position Switch Design Stand
4K HDR Streaming from Netflix and Amazon

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