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Does your kitchen serve as the heart of a family home? Our double ovens are excellent for those busy meal times. Even without a crowd to feed, a double oven can still make food preparation more convenient.

You can roast vegetables at 425° and simultaneously bake a cake at 350° with our ovens on sale. Our built-in double ovens will slot into your kitchen units for a snug and stylish fit.

Our electric double ovens come with a host of hi-tech features. The anti-tilt shelves make lifting heavy dishes in and out of the oven far easier. The digital timers provide more accurate timing than dials, so your meals are ready when you are!

To cut down on washing up time, look out for self-cleaning panels that will take care of any spills. Choose a multi-functional, integrated double oven and get more cooking options with a grill, fan or even a defrost setting.