Servis, S7857BC, Dual Boiler Espresso Maker With Steam Wand, Silver

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Become your own barista with the dual boiler espresso machine from Servis.

This small low-maintenance espresso machine with 20 bar and 1,450 W output prepares the perfect espresso at home or in the office. 

With little effort, create a perfect natural espresso or Latte, cappuccino, or americano - the choice is yours.

For coffees with milk, the steam wand allows you to Froth milk simultaneously while the coffee dispenses. This dual boiler system makes producing your coffee with milk far more efficient.  

The powerful portafilter machine has a large removable water tank with a 2.5 L capacity and smart temperature regulation for perfectly barista-quality brewed espresso every time! You can prepare the black pick-me-up either with a double or single spout and, due to the high operating pressure, you will always get a dense, golden-brown crema essential for the classic espresso aroma.

Cleaning after brewing the portafilter espresso machine is easy to handle. Thanks to the removable elements, the machine is quickly ready for the next espresso.

The high-quality workmanship and resilient materials make the espresso maker highly robust and long-lasting. Make no compromises when it comes to the taste of espresso.

Espresso Maker with Double Boiler and Internal Grinder.


  • Powerful the machine works with 20 bar and 1,450 W output
  • Practical large water tank, intelligent temperature regulation
  • Flexible double and single spouts and removable water tank
What's included -
  • Espresso machine S7857BC
  • Portafilter with a double and single spout
  • Coffee bean spoon
  • Cleaning brush and pin
  • Pressurized funnel
  • Tamper
  • Coffee container
  • Instruction manual
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