Cecotec Electric Barbecue Txuletaco Inferno 8000 030625

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Txuletaco Inferno 8000 by Cecotec. Capable of reaching 850 ºC, 2200 W, with cast-iron grill, stone and pizza tray, 2 crumb-collecting trays and adjustable temperature and time system. 


  • Its ultra-fast preheating in just 3 minutes optimises heat distribution and allows reaching the ideal cooking temperature in record time
  • High-temperature electric grill capable of reaching 850 ºC thanks to its top quartz heating elements. Cook different types of foods
  • Thanks to its cast-iron rack, meat will be cooked as in a traditional barbecue, performing in extraordinary results
  • It features an adjustable 60-minute timer with countdown system, for heat to remain inside the device at the desired temperature until required
  • Temperature can be adjusted from 380 ºC up to 850 ºC, to adapt the grill to the type of food to be cooked: meat, vegetables or fish
  • Height-adjustment system through side grids that adapt to food thickness and requirements, performing perfect results
  • It features digital kitchen digital thermometer that allows controlling the heat and cooking level, requires to ensure meat is cooked at the perfect temperature
  • When the needle is introduced in the thermometer, it indicates the exact cooking temperature at that moment, allowing you to cook ingredients to perfection

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